Commuting in Vancouver after a Snow Storm

6.41am – Woke up to Sang’s alarm clock.  I forgot to set mine since the electricity was out since 6 pm on Sunday night.

7.15am – Began shoveling snow out of the driveway.  I shoveled the snow twice the night before. I thought I left Macktown 13 years ago!

7.38am – Began driving to work. Needed 4×4 just to get out of the neighborhood.

8.10am – Traffic was good up to Broadway and Renfrew.  Thats only because there was a big accident at the Weigh Scales before 152nd St on ramp.

8.32am – First text message to Sang to let her know I am still stuck at Renfrew Skytrain. There are no trains in sight.  This should have been a 20 minute exercise to get to work from Renfrew.

8.36am – A train finally comes. WTF!! Its overloaded. Wait 10 minutes for another one. They mentioned on the News 1130 that Skytrain was short staffed due to the weather. WTF do they expect passengers to do if Skytrain employees can’t be bothered to show?Chalk one up for BC Transit!

8.49am – Finally caught the next train and arrived at Commercial so I can transfer over to the Broadway Skytrain to go to downtown. Holy shit! there must be 1000 ppl waiting!  Finally we see a Skytrain employee walk by the sea of people. A passenger shouts out “May I see your tickets please!”. People nearby explode in laughter. The one Skytrain employee who made it to work wasn’t amused.

9.38am – After watching 6 Skytrains go by … did I mention SIX trains go by … and watching angry people push there way in, I had to take the lady in front of me and drive her into the Skytrain. At first she was pissed but then realized she’s on the train and didn’t say anything.

9.50am – Arrive to Granville Skytrain. Walk 5 blocks in mush to arrive to my final destination. Finally, my Monday morning has just started.