A new addition to the family

For the new year, we have decided to sponsor a child from India and share our good fortunes. It was an easy decision and we went with Christian Children’s Fund of Canada. We named our sponsored child “Jovan”.


2 Replies to “A new addition to the family”

  1. That is a really cool idea! I have thought about if for a long time but I am skeptical if the kids actually see the money. How did you pick this one? Do you know what percentage of your donation goes directly to the child? Fill me in…..:)

  2. My family sponsored a child back when I was in my teenage years. The cool part was that my parents went to India on vacation and decided to go visit their sponsored child in Delhi during their trip. The organization did an excellent job setting up the meeting between my parents and the girl they sponsored. I’m sure these organizations require a small amount for administrative costs but the major ones do a good job in my opinion. Let me know how it goes for you 🙂

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