Thanks for 5 great years Encaptis

I’m starting a new venture next week which I’ll update on my LinkedIn profile.  This post is to thank all the good people at Encaptis (formerly known as Coastal Range Systems).  I was at Encaptis for 5 years.  On my second day at the job, I had to leave for a week due to the arrival of my first born.  Luckily, the company found it in their hearts to keep me around anyways.  Besides producing babies, I was busy with clients like 4Refuel producing code and working on fun .NET stuff like WPF and Silverlight.  This was a great environment for me to learn the complete life cycle of software projects in a high scale environment with various clients across different domains.

Special thanks goes to all the developers at Encaptis.  Definitely a great and very talented group here.  Our infamous leader Maxim Michtchenko is the greatest period.  It was an absolute privilege to learn under his guidance.

I will definitely miss Encaptis and the people that make it a great place to work and succeed.  Just one word for the folks here …. Thank-you.

Make GMail your default email in Chrome

Chrome has become my default choice for a browser in the past 6 months.  I use iGoogle as my home page and GMail for my personal email. In the past, it was a bit of hacker’s fest to get GMail to be your default email provider in Chrome.  Now it is simple as going to chrome://settings/handlers and making GMail the default for all your mailto links.  Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome.  You can check for the latest by going to the about box in Chrome where it will check for the latest updates if they are available.  Btw, checking for updates in the about box is a brilliant idea.

Nazara’s first fieldtrip

Writing my first post in awhile.  This time I am using Windows Live Writer 2011 which works with WordPress.  Nicely integrated with Windows Live Photo Gallery in Windows 7.

Nazara’s first field trip was to The Apple Barn in Abbotsford where we took a hay ride tour to see the pumpkin patch and apple trees as well as check out the petting barn.  Weather did not cooperate but this is an excellent trip to take your kids on.  Highly recommend it (without the rain).

Pictures of the kids in June 2010

Here are some pictures of the kids taken by my good friend Phil using his Panasonic Lumix. The cloudy weather we’ve been having in the month of June served as the backdrop to these outdoor pictures. Phil did some photo editing using Lightroom on his Mac. He uploaded the pics onto the SmugMug website which has a real nice interface for photo sharing.

Click on the image below to see the rest of the gallery: