It’s a girl!

This is the text message that I sent out at 1:18am on Thursday April 12th, 2007:

Just met the girl of my dreams. 7 pounds and 6 ounces. Mother and daughter are doing fine.

Dad is exhausted but will put up more pictures very soon. Nazara (aka Zahra) is now home in her new room and getting ready to see some visitors in the next weeks and months to come. Special thanks to the grandparents, my sister and sister-in-law for making this the most memorable experience of our lives. And a heartfelt thank-you to our uncle Prem Sagar for suggesting the name Nazara, it’s the perfect name for our lil princess : )

IM002882-1Nazara, April 12 2007IM002894HPIM0174 Baby Kaila, April 12 2007 001 IM002888

Nazāra means beautiful sight or a vision of beauty;

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