It’s a girl!

This is the text message that I sent out at 1:18am on Thursday April 12th, 2007:

Just met the girl of my dreams. 7 pounds and 6 ounces. Mother and daughter are doing fine.

Dad is exhausted but will put up more pictures very soon. Nazara (aka Zahra) is now home in her new room and getting ready to see some visitors in the next weeks and months to come. Special thanks to the grandparents, my sister and sister-in-law for making this the most memorable experience of our lives. And a heartfelt thank-you to our uncle Prem Sagar for suggesting the name Nazara, it’s the perfect name for our lil princess : )

IM002882-1Nazara, April 12 2007IM002894HPIM0174 Baby Kaila, April 12 2007 001 IM002888

Nazāra means beautiful sight or a vision of beauty;

Many Thanks for the Baby Shower

There were many people to thank at Sangeeta’s baby shower on Sunday. On behalf of Sangeeta and I, we would like to thank Kuljeet for all her hard work and running around for weeks putting it altogether. The prizes and games were quite exciting! Thanks to my “other three sisters” (cousins) Pam A and Pam B, as well as (sister-in-law) Anita, and Anj for their dedication and hard work. Thanks to both Sang’s parents and mine for all their contributions for the shower and all the gifts. Last but not least, thanks to all the friends and family in attendance with all the generous baby gifts and taking advantage of the baby registries that were setup.

feb2007 pics 011 BabyShower 001 BabyShower 004

Also, a reminder for those who haven’t submitted a baby pool prediction, do that now!

Screenshots of Kulvir 2.0!

The much anticipated screen shots for Kulvir 2.0 have finally arrived. Our legal department has only allowed us to display one screen shot due to the fact that the product is only in the beta phase of the life cycle.  Our Product Manager, Sangeeta Kaila has been exhausted by the length of the project after 21 weeks.  Her comments needed to be edited for the public so they won’t be available at the present time.  Early indications are that Kulvir 2.0 will be a pessimistic Canucks fan with the ability to jump off the wagon even though Kulvir 1.0 drives it.
Royal Columbian Hospital 1

Kulvir 2.0

There is some exciting news coming soon from Kaila Inc. The introduction of Kulvir 2.0! Its taken months to plan and production is already underway on this 9 month project that has an expected due date of April 18th. Stay tuned for early screenshots around middle of November.