Nursery is complete …

… well at least the mural is done! Thanks to Catherine for doing an amazing job on the mural for our nursery room. I did my best taking snapshots of the mural during different stages of the project. Its all coming together nicely and we’re anxiously awaiting the release of kulvir 2.0 :)

07. March 2007 by admin
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  1. Looks awesome….lucky little baby to have such a cool room! Bet you guys are getting excited…it’s just around the corner! Hope Sangeeta is feeling well…the last few weeks usually get to ya…enough is enough! Good luck! Stacey

  2. I love the animals in the mural and each one of them seems to have alot of character in their faces. The monkey with the beer belly is cute!
    Little baby will have a few friends to play with!
    The mural was a great idea and it turned out awesome. No one is allowed to paint over it…ever…or Catherine will kick our butts…LOL.
    28 days left for the little one or sooner, I think.
    Please take more pictures of the nursery with all the new additions and post. K

  3. What a fabulous idea! I love the jungle theme, can wait for the arrival! Imma Masi yo!