Canucks New Uniforms

Could this be the Canucks new uniform for next season?
Canucks New Uniform

A lot of Canuck blogs out there have this image on their websites. I wonder if its someone’s concept or whether the Canuck front office is actually working on this.

Update: Dave Nonis has announced that they are sticking with the “constipated whale” for next season. Sounds like a chance to sell extra jerseys and then switch to these ones.

6 Replies to “Canucks New Uniforms”

  1. I love the jersey on the right with the original logo, great colors. I would buy one for sure. But I am not sure about the font used for the “C”. That needs to be more solid.
    The jersey on the left just plain sucks! What the heck is that logo anyways and what does it have to do with the Canucks?


  2. For the older Canuck fans, they will know it was the original Johnny Canuck logo that they used before they were in the NHL.

  3. Deesh your flames suck! The colors and trim on both jerseys are pretty cool. Instead of having johnny canuck in the middle of the jersey on the left they should put the lettering CANUCKS slanting down the jersey just like the blue RANGERS jersey!

  4. bhala, pull the orca outta ur ass an open ur eyes son, we’ll see goes further anyways!

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