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To celebrate “Change Your Password” Day, here is a great post by Scott Hanselman on securing your computer.  In particular, make sure you have 2-factor auth in your Gmail account and turn on SSL/HTTPS on your social media accounts (Twitter, Gmail and Facebook).

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My Top 3 Favourite Canuck Fan Videos

Canucks Nation is hitting an all time high. The Canucks do a real good job engaging their fans with tweetups (@VanCanucks) and with their Facebook page.

Here are my top 3 Canucks hits on YouTube:

1. Kyprios – How the West Was One

2. Terell Safadi – Black Red Yellow

3. Grand Daddy P feat The Green Men – Towel Power (2011 Canucks Playoff Song)

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Alex Burrows in Game 7 Overtime 2011 NHL Playoffs

One of the great goals in Canucks history

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Automating Credit Card Payments

Just finished up a quick post for Coastal Range Systems on automating credit card payments using Moneris with SAP Business One.

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On Twitter?

I am now on twitter and you can follow me @kulvirkaila.

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Nazara’s first fieldtrip

Writing my first post in awhile.  This time I am using Windows Live Writer 2011 which works with WordPress.  Nicely integrated with Windows Live Photo Gallery in Windows 7.

Nazara’s first field trip was to The Apple Barn in Abbotsford where we took a hay ride tour to see the pumpkin patch and apple trees as well as check out the petting barn.  Weather did not cooperate but this is an excellent trip to take your kids on.  Highly recommend it (without the rain).

28. October 2010 by admin
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Pictures of the kids in June 2010

Here are some pictures of the kids taken by my good friend Phil using his Panasonic Lumix. The cloudy weather we’ve been having in the month of June served as the backdrop to these outdoor pictures. Phil did some photo editing using Lightroom on his Mac. He uploaded the pics onto the SmugMug website which has a real nice interface for photo sharing.

Click on the image below to see the rest of the gallery:


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Family Trip to San Diego

Here are some pictures from our family trip with the kids to San Diego. The trip included a visit to the San Diego Zoo and multiple visits to SeaWorld.

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Nishaan’s First Birthday

A special thanks to all our family and friends who were able to attend Nishaan’s first birthday party at Khaana Peena Restaurant. With all the Olympic festivities going on in the city, it was good to see everyone make it out to this special event.

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Winter Olympics in Whistler

We went to the Men’s Luge event in Whistler this past weekend to take in the festivities. Indian luger Shiva Keshaven made a big splash with the local community. Team India first took notice with the issue of mismatched uniforms.

Our group also made a big splash on a few networks around the world.

Here we are on Omni news

And here we are on CTV

We also made it to the picture gallery on the NBC Olympic website

And finally after all this coverage, we got an interview with RJ1200 from Vancouver who happens to be the official sponsor of Team India for the Winter Olympics

17. February 2010 by admin
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