Thanks for 5 great years Encaptis

I’m starting a new venture next week which I’ll update on my LinkedIn profile.  This post is to thank all the good people at Encaptis (formerly known as Coastal Range Systems).  I was at Encaptis for 5 years.  On my second day at the job, I had to leave for a week due to the arrival of my first born.  Luckily, the company found it in their hearts to keep me around anyways.  Besides producing babies, I was busy with clients like 4Refuel producing code and working on fun .NET stuff like WPF and Silverlight.  This was a great environment for me to learn the complete life cycle of software projects in a high scale environment with various clients across different domains.

Special thanks goes to all the developers at Encaptis.  Definitely a great and very talented group here.  Our infamous leader Maxim Michtchenko is the greatest period.  It was an absolute privilege to learn under his guidance.

I will definitely miss Encaptis and the people that make it a great place to work and succeed.  Just one word for the folks here …. Thank-you.