Looking for Free Anti-Virus Software?

Seems like no one is willing to pay for anti-virus software (including myself) and are looking for alternatives to buying the name brand software like Norton or McAfee. Most of the name brand software comes with huge mail-in rebates that require you to wait 2 months for you to cash in on a deal. I recommend looking for alternative solutions. I’ve personally been using Avast Home Edition for the last 6 months and have little to worry about. Most companies selling anti-virus products are beginning to give away home editions for free.

Here are some recommended programs:
Avast Home Edition
AVG from Grisoft

20. October 2007 by admin
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  1. AVG is also another option that seems to do a decent job. Or theres the Mac switch option which I’ve done and haven’t looked back since.

  2. To my mind, avast has a most user-friendly interface out of all free antivirus programs, and its updates are absolutely silent. Some PC users insist that it has a poor detection rate, but AV comparatives lists avast! over Norton, so there must be a sound reason behind that. Since version 4.8 avast! claims to have anti-spyware protection included as well. I personally know a home user who switched from ESET (paid) to avast! (free), and not because of subscription expiry.