Acumatica Developer MVP

I have been working for The Answer Company since mid 2019 and spent several months getting certified for Acumatica. The experience of learning the new cloud ERP has been a tremendous one. An ERP built with Microsoft technologies from the ground up is something that aligns with my skill set quite nicely.

After attending the Acumatica Summit in January 2020, I was inspired to pursue being an Acumatica Developer MVP. I was fortunate enough to be granted this opportunity and am now part of a group of highly skilled developers from across the continent. As part of being a Developer MVP, we were tasked with creating blog posts for the Acumatica site. My first blog post can be viewed here:

Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Headset

After reading Scott Hanselman’s review of Nokia’s Purity Pro BH940 wireless headphones, I had to get a pair.

I already have the Nokia Lumia 1020 so that was a perfect match.

The Purity Pro app automatically pops up when you connect the headphones via Bluetooth.

I have the headset connected to my Lenovo laptop for GotoMeetings, Skype, and listening to music. Simultaneously, I have the headset connected to my phone for phone calls, text message, and music from Nokia Mix Radio app and TuneIn. Did I mention simultaneously? It can connect two devices at the same time and store up to 8 devices in memory.

Add active noise cancellation to boot, and it’s the complete package. I’m looking forward to taking these on my next flight.

Pin the app to my main screen and you get a nice view of playback time.

Tiny Form Factors

Blogging from my phone while listening to music. Things you can do on a small device. Desktop footprint has decreased dramatically in size as well. My sister and I bought this tiny lil desktop for my dad. The Lenovo M72e.
This tiny desktop does the trick for people who check email and use Office products. Lenovo adds a solid 3 year warranty on parts as well. Solid.

Thanks for 5 great years Encaptis

I’m starting a new venture next week which I’ll update on my LinkedIn profile.  This post is to thank all the good people at Encaptis (formerly known as Coastal Range Systems).  I was at Encaptis for 5 years.  On my second day at the job, I had to leave for a week due to the arrival of my first born.  Luckily, the company found it in their hearts to keep me around anyways.  Besides producing babies, I was busy with clients like 4Refuel producing code and working on fun .NET stuff like WPF and Silverlight.  This was a great environment for me to learn the complete life cycle of software projects in a high scale environment with various clients across different domains.

Special thanks goes to all the developers at Encaptis.  Definitely a great and very talented group here.  Our infamous leader Maxim Michtchenko is the greatest period.  It was an absolute privilege to learn under his guidance.

I will definitely miss Encaptis and the people that make it a great place to work and succeed.  Just one word for the folks here …. Thank-you.

Make GMail your default email in Chrome

Chrome has become my default choice for a browser in the past 6 months.  I use iGoogle as my home page and GMail for my personal email. In the past, it was a bit of hacker’s fest to get GMail to be your default email provider in Chrome.  Now it is simple as going to chrome://settings/handlers and making GMail the default for all your mailto links.  Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome.  You can check for the latest by going to the about box in Chrome where it will check for the latest updates if they are available.  Btw, checking for updates in the about box is a brilliant idea.

Use Google Picasa 3 to manage your pictures

The latest version of Picasa 3 from Google will help you get the most out of your digital pictures. You can use Kodak Gallery to upload your favourite pics and get them directly from your nearest Futureshop. For Canadians, you will need to upload your prints to the U.S. version of Kodak Gallery. Once uploaded, you can login to the Canadian version of the Kodak website before you buy your digital prints. This will allow you to send the prints to the nearest Futureshop for free pickup. The app will help you make greeting cards, photo books and calendars quickly for any special occassion.

You can use Google to email your pics and Picasa will automatically resize them for easy viewing. Recently, I decided to backup my pictures to DVD and nothing was easier than using Picasa to burn the pictures to DVD.

For emailing pics, you can use Picasa to connect directly to your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account. Picasa will be automatically resize the pics before emailing them out to friends and family.

Other features include creating web albums, retouching your pics for red-eye removal, and adding watermarks to your photos.

Why didn’t I get an iPhone?

My path to get an iPhone was rudily interrupted and after a cloud of smoke, I ended up with the HTC Touch Diamond. Here is what happened:

  • Telus’ rentention department called me in April. Told them I wasn’t interested and ready to switch to Rogers for the iPhone. They offered me a free smartphone. I politely turned it down.
  • Found out about Telus’ EPP voice plan for $17.30. Jumped all over it. Got 200 minutes, evenings starting at 6pm, Telus to Telus, free caller id, free call forwarding.
  • Noise of the “iPhone Killa” Samsung Instinct hit the internet. Cool, some competition.
  • HTC Touch Diamond will be available in late August to Telus customers. Whoa, what’s this?
  • 2nd call from Telus’ rentention centre. Offering a free HTC Touch Diamond on a 3 yr plan.
    Can I keep my EPP Plan? – … Yes.
    Can I switch my Spark 15 for the $15 data plan? – … Yes.

In the end, it was about dollars and sense while comprising a bit on cutting edge technology. Rogers need for $30 data plans, and leveraging customer loyality with Telus all played a part.

HTC Touch Diamond