Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Headset

After reading Scott Hanselman’s review of Nokia’s Purity Pro BH940 wireless headphones, I had to get a pair.

I already have the Nokia Lumia 1020 so that was a perfect match.

The Purity Pro app automatically pops up when you connect the headphones via Bluetooth.

I have the headset connected to my Lenovo laptop for GotoMeetings, Skype, and listening to music. Simultaneously, I have the headset connected to my phone for phone calls, text message, and music from Nokia Mix Radio app and TuneIn. Did I mention simultaneously? It can connect two devices at the same time and store up to 8 devices in memory.

Add active noise cancellation to boot, and it’s the complete package. I’m looking forward to taking these on my next flight.

Pin the app to my main screen and you get a nice view of playback time.