Top 5 essentials for our 1 year old baby

Here’s a quick list of things my wife and I discovered as must haves that were overlooked or weren’t considered as relevant for our 1 year old daughter:

5. Treehouse TV
Our PVR has been taken over with Treehouse shows such as Big Comfy Couch, The Backyardigans and This is Emily Yeung.

4. High Chair
The high chair is the only way to lock down an over active child and get them to eat.

3. Flip-Open Sofa with Slumber Bag
This portable slumber bag is quite useful during the day for naps. Also good for the child to sit in and watch Treehouse (refer to point 5).

2. Footed sleepers with rubber soles
For everyday wear, we found that the zippered sleepers with elasticized ankles and gripper bottoms for traction as the best wear. Easy to change in and out of as well as the gripper bottoms help for traction on hardwood and tiled floors. Available at Childrens Place.

1. Soother
Like the credit card commercial goes:

Never leave home without it

01. September 2008 by admin
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