Why didn’t I get an iPhone?

My path to get an iPhone was rudily interrupted and after a cloud of smoke, I ended up with the HTC Touch Diamond. Here is what happened:

  • Telus’ rentention department called me in April. Told them I wasn’t interested and ready to switch to Rogers for the iPhone. They offered me a free smartphone. I politely turned it down.
  • Found out about Telus’ EPP voice plan for $17.30. Jumped all over it. Got 200 minutes, evenings starting at 6pm, Telus to Telus, free caller id, free call forwarding.
  • Noise of the “iPhone Killa” Samsung Instinct hit the internet. Cool, some competition.
  • HTC Touch Diamond will be available in late August to Telus customers. Whoa, what’s this?
  • 2nd call from Telus’ rentention centre. Offering a free HTC Touch Diamond on a 3 yr plan.
    Can I keep my EPP Plan? – … Yes.
    Can I switch my Spark 15 for the $15 data plan? – … Yes.

In the end, it was about dollars and sense while comprising a bit on cutting edge technology. Rogers need for $30 data plans, and leveraging customer loyality with Telus all played a part.

HTC Touch Diamond

28. August 2008 by admin
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