Canucks New Uniforms

Could this be the Canucks new uniform for next season?
Canucks New Uniform

A lot of Canuck blogs out there have this image on their websites. I wonder if its someone’s concept or whether the Canuck front office is actually working on this.

Update: Dave Nonis has announced that they are sticking with the “constipated whale” for next season. Sounds like a chance to sell extra jerseys and then switch to these ones.

Many Thanks for the Baby Shower

There were many people to thank at Sangeeta’s baby shower on Sunday. On behalf of Sangeeta and I, we would like to thank Kuljeet for all her hard work and running around for weeks putting it altogether. The prizes and games were quite exciting! Thanks to my “other three sisters” (cousins) Pam A and Pam B, as well as (sister-in-law) Anita, and Anj for their dedication and hard work. Thanks to both Sang’s parents and mine for all their contributions for the shower and all the gifts. Last but not least, thanks to all the friends and family in attendance with all the generous baby gifts and taking advantage of the baby registries that were setup.

feb2007 pics 011 BabyShower 001 BabyShower 004

Also, a reminder for those who haven’t submitted a baby pool prediction, do that now!

Favorite Superbowl Ads

Here are some of the more popular commercials that I saw for the Superbowl. Mind you, the Canadian feed only showed a selected few. Warning, these commercials are hilarious when you had a few beers during the Superbowl. Enjoy.

Snickers – Two guys, one bar
Bud Light – Fist Pump
NationWide – Kevin Federline
Bud Light – Carlos Mencia teaches English

Good deal on Tax Software

Your best bet for tax software is Quicktax. Currently its available for $39 on their website. In order to save a few extra bucks, head on over to Taxwiz and get the same Quicktax software for $29. Since Taxwiz is not available for download this year, they are offering Quicktax at a discounted price.

Entourage on HBO

A good friend of ours recommended that we view this show on HBO. We started watching this show and its totally addicting. I recommend renting it on DVD. The episodes are only 22 minutes long (half hour show). Thanks to Jat for the hook up.

Happy New Year

The Kaila family would like to extend a Happy New Year to all our friends and family. May the new year bring prosperity, health, and happiness to you all.

Kulvir, Sangeeta, a baby.

3D Ultrasound pictures are from UC Baby in Langley. Check them out here. Although it looks like the eyes are open in the ultrasound pic, they are not. They told us it was basically a shadow and that the eyes are closed. Pretty cool gift for grandparents to see. Also comes with a DVD for those who want to see the baby kick, stretch and yawn.